EKS Event Services ProviderEKS is based in London and we are well established professional event service provider since 2008. As a company we understand the importance of the special events in our life. That is why our aim is to transform your event into unforgettable celebration.

We undertake all kind of events from Business Opening Ceremony to birthday’s party. Our aim is to ensure all our clients receive an excellent service with top quality products at competitive prices.

We are continuously investing in a new designs and themes to make your events a truly memorable event. We are the premier event services provider with wide range of experience and quality on all kind of event. Our members are hardworking individuals who can assist in all aspects of event production.

Our main duty is to work together with you, to create an event of your personal taste and style. We will listen to what you want and offer you the best service possible to ensure that your special event is perfect. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, materials, themes, etc. and if you are unsure about anything, we will assist you with pleasure.